Lugu Lake


Beautiful Lugu Lake sits at 2690m and straddles the remote Yunnan-Sichuan border. It is a 6-hr bumpy bus ride on very windy roads from Lijiang. It is a laid-back place, and an idyllic place for a little R&R.

There’s not a great deal to do here, but I guess that’s part of its appeal. You could rent a bicycle, an electric motorcycle, go on a boat ride, or just go for a walk. It’s pleasant, quiet, clean (yes, still, and will hopefully remain so) and it’s no doubt the China that attracts me, and it was worth the long bus journey.

The area is also home to several Tibetan, Yi and Mosu (sub group of Naxi) villages. You will also see Tibetan temples and prayer flags, and the Mosu are the last practising matriarchal society apparently.

For some reason there are a lot of visitors from Guangdong province coming to Lugu Lake. The owner of the guesthouse I stayed at is also from Guangdong. Not complaining, as it made communication a lot easier for me for a couple of days! 🙂